Lillehammer, Norway • 16. August

↠ Norwegian Winner 2020


Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

Youngster Class • Male
Tsar-Ping’s Grand National Aiko: Excellent, CQ, Res, DCC
Critique: 22 months, lovely overall, good proportions, head has good length. Wll shaped eyes, well set ears that could be worn slightly better but they have nice size. Large teeth, good underline, pretty good topline, normal angled, ok coat and color. Very positive side movements but topline flattens out a tiny bit. Little unstable front, very friendly temperament. Well shown, model very pleasant.

Open Class • Male
Tsar-Ping’s Summit 08 Bolt: Excellent, CQ
Critique: 2 years, masculine, large, the head has excellent length and nice profile. Well shaped eyes, correct stop, well set ears witch are worn quite nicely. Big teeth, good paws, well set body in excellent muscle condition. Quite nice topline when standing, good marings with good coat. Positive movements, could have had a slightly better cross and tail set. Steady and pleasant temperament, well shown.

Junior Class • Female
Tsar-Ping’s Brexit Ara: Excellent, CQ, R.BCC and 3rd best female
Critique: 12 months, super feminine, nice proportions, elongated nice head, correct bite with large teeth. Well shaped eyes, well set ears which are worn quite well, nice bone stem. Excellent lines and nice curvature over the loins. Stand well on her legs, excellent coat and markings. Yet ralatively narrow but it is age related. Very typical side movements with somewhat high tail. Very pleasant temperament, well shown, a nice junior.

Tsar-Ping’s Brexit Ara, handeled by Eva.
Jugde: Arne Foss, Norway

Click here too read the full result from the dogshow // Norwegian Kennel Club

Thank you judge Arne Foss, for thinking so highly of our dogs.

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