We often get e-mail’s if we are going to have English Toy Terrier puppies in the near future.

In the beginning of 2020 we decided that we would not have any English Toy Terrier puppies in 2020,2021 or 2022. Due to the fact that we don’t have any bitches to have litters on, due to age.

Jill (Neverland Uluru Jillaroo), who is Ada Marie’s dog turned 12 years in December and have had her litters of puppies and will just live as retired. And her daughter Ellih (Tsar-Ping’s Dream Ellih Of Norway) who we had big plans to breed, never showed any interest of puppies when we had other litters in the house. So we decided not to push her. So even if we could breed her, we will not ♡
We think that it’s sad for the breed that Ellih never have any puppies, but we know that there are more of Jill’s offsprings that have breed fantastic offsprings not only here in Norway, but also abroad.

What the future brings, we don’t know yet. The only thing we know is that our English Toy Terrier females, will live as the Queens they are And until we decide.. We will still breed our Standard Manchester Terriers and enjoy those little Black and Tan puppies

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