↠ This will be our english WEBpage We will still have our Norwegian webpage: http://www.tsar-ping.no, but we understand that not everyone understand Norwegian, so we created this new webpage and and closed our other English website. So hopefully we can please everyone with our new page aswell as our Norwegian one. In the beginning ofContinue reading “WELCOME TO OUR NEW PAGE ♡”


3rd of November Tsar-Ping’s Korona Bella moved to her new home in Drammen, Norway to Audun and Marie ♡ 3rd of November Tsar-Ping’s Korona Athena moved to her new home in Kolboth, Norway to Natalie and Kjersti ♡ 6th of November Tsar-Ping’s Korona Alma moved to her new home in Harstad, Norway to Ine MarielContinue reading “OUT IN THE BIG WORLD ♡”

Figgjo, Norway • 30. August

Manchester terrier Judge: Anne Tove Strande, Norway Open Class • female↠ Tsar-Ping’s Big Bang Vår: Very goodCritique: Very nice size and model, feminine. Well shaped head with slightly light ears, sufficient neck, could have little more mane. Correct topline, nice colour markings, moves freely. Is today a litlle out of proportions because she carries tooContinue reading “Figgjo, Norway • 30. August”

Lillehammer, Norway • 16. August

↠ Norwegian Winner 2020 MANCHESTER TERRIER Judge: Arne Foss, Norway Youngster Class • Male↠ Tsar-Ping’s Grand National Aiko: Excellent, CQ, Res, DCCCritique: 22 months, lovely overall, good proportions, head has good length. Wll shaped eyes, well set ears that could be worn slightly better but they have nice size. Large teeth, good underline, pretty goodContinue reading “Lillehammer, Norway • 16. August”

Sarpsborg, Norway • 26. July

Manchester Terrier Judge: Heidi Hagen, Norway Junior Class • male↠ Tsar-Ping’s Brexit Bobby: Very goodCritique: 11 months, excellent type, good proportions in head with little loose ears. Good bite and neck, ok topline, normal angulations, little undeveloped in chest. Good coat and colours also in the tan markings. Could have had more drive in theContinue reading “Sarpsborg, Norway • 26. July”

Trondheim, Norway • 27. June

MANCHESTER TERRIER Judge: Helge Kvivesen, Norway Champion class • male↠ Tsar-Ping’s Royal Alfie: Excellent, CQ, CACIB and BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONCritique: Excellent type, very masculine, up in size, nice head with slightly big ears, excellent front, nice topline and rear end, excellent coat and colour. Could have better thumbmarks, little tightContinue reading “Trondheim, Norway • 27. June”

Letohallen, Norway • 1. March

Manchester Terrier Judge: Željko Gajic, Slovenia Open class • male↠ Tsar-Ping’s Summit 08 Bolt: Excellent, CQ, DCC and BEST OF BREEDCritique: 1,5 years old, very nice head and expression, correct eyeshape and earset, well developed chest, nice topline, correct tailset and carriage of the tail, correct front and rear angulations, moves well. Open class •Continue reading “Letohallen, Norway • 1. March”

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